InfraLight FLC100, 8-Channel

Individual control of eight channels of lighting according to ambient light conditions with an embedded webserver which provides easy-to-use web pages for remote monitoring, set up and diagnostics.

The system includes an InfraLIGHT module with eight independent channels of lighting control. Each channel activates when the ambient light level measured by an external light sensor falls below a configurable switching threshold for a defined period of time.

Each channel of lighting can be active in either of two lighting scenes, selectable by means of a switch or via a LonWorks network.

An override facility allows all the channels of lighting to be switched on via the LonWorks network or a master switch with a configurable timeout period.

The inbuilt InfraSERVER provides status and diagnostic information via standard web pages which can be accessed via a normal web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.


  • Individual control of eight lighting channels with setpoints based on ambient light level
  • Two selectable lighting scenes with timed master override
  • Normally closed relays for fail-safe operation
  • Remote communications using EIA-709 LonWorks, TCP/IP Ethernet, Modem, GSM or GPRS


  • Significant energy savings
  • Rapid payback on investment
  • Simplified maintenance with improved diagnostics giving better chance of ‘first-time-fix’

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