PIR detector

Conventional PIR detector - 12VDC Suspended Ceiling Mounting

This attractive, low-cost PIR detector is suitable for use with InfraTROL and InfraLIGHT control modules or other devices requiring a non-intelligent indication of occupancy.

Please note: if product is used with InfraTROL 100 Series or InfraLIGHT 100 Series controller you need an additional power converter to reduce the voltage from 24v to 12v (call for details), however this is not necessary with the InfraTROL 500 or InfraLIGHT 200 Series controllers.

The unit fits into a ceiling tile to provide a sensing area of approximately 7m diameter at 2.5m ceiling height.
The unit can be used in conjunction with the InfraSENSE 400 Light Sensor/Controller to extend the occupancy detection zone in larger rooms (see right).

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