InfraSense 40 Intelligent PIR and Lux Sensor

This unit is very compact and attractively styled in a recessed-mount enclosure to fit flush to the ceiling on most buildings with a hollow or suspended ceiling.

An optional Infrared remote control allows lighting, etc to be remote controlled via the IR receiver mounted in the unit.

Ideal for lighting and HVAC control in offices, public buildings, hotels or other areas requiring occupancy or daylight linking control.


  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Seperate objects for Occupancy, Lux and Switch.
  • Fully configurable using standard CP's.
  • Link powered for simplified wiring.
Datasheet (410040D100InfraSENSE 40 STD UK.pdf)
Datasheet (410040D InfraSense40.pdf)
External Interface File (410040D102 InfraSense40E5.XIF)
External Interface File (410040D102 InfraSense40E3.XIF)

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