InfraLIGHT 160

The InfraLIGHT 160 lighting control module provides a flexible solution for dynamic and configurable scene lighting, implementing the following standard LonMark objects:

  • 1 Scene Panel #3250
  • 8 Scene Controllers #3251 (8 x 16 scene matrix with fade rate)
  • 3 Partition Controllers #3251
  • 3 Emergency Test Switches
  • InfraLIGHT 160 comprises a base module, which controls scene selection and configuration. The base module has eight local switch inputs allowing a range of switches or push buttons to be connected to control scene selection and learning. Visual display of the current scene can be achieved with the 8 24VDC outputs provided.

    InfraLIGHT 160 is housed in a standard M36 DIN-rail mounting enclosure for easy fitting into standard electrical panels.

    Datasheet (410160T300 InfraLIGHT 160 STD UK.pdf)

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