InfraLIGHT 1000

New feature rich floor manager for lighting controls. The InfraLIGHT 1000 uses Loytec's new L-Core 3 architecture for unprecedented performance.

The InfraLIGHT 1000 provides the total lighting solution for efficiently managing the lighting system employed for an office or factory workspace.

With an unpresedented abundance of Lighting Controller objects, the InfraLIGHT 1000 can respond dynamically to ever-changing environmental conditions providing an efficient, effective and satisfactory lighting solution.


  • Robust, proven hardware
  • 96 Occupancy Controller objects #3071
  • 64 Constant Light Controller objects #3050
  • 16 Scene Controller objects #3251
  • 16 Corridor Controller objects #20005
  • 1 Real Time Keeper object #3300
  • Fully LonMark compliant
Datasheet (411100P100 InfraLIGHT 1000 STD UK.pdf)
External Interface File (411100P Resource

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