InfraDALI 2016

InfraDali 2016 is a lighting controller for 32 lamp actuators (16 groups, 16 single lamp actuator objects) with the capability to take feedback from 64 DALI Ballasts.

Every lamp actuator can be set to report alarms, service messages to faulty series objects, faulty lighting fixtures or errors within the bus system to nvoAlarm of the node object.

The controller also supports the installation of the DALI system connected to the LNS Plug-In or to the serial interface (DALI IEC 62 836 only).

The failure status can also be read in simple SNVT’s.


  • Advanced LonWorks DALI Controller
  • Controls 32 DALI actuators in 16 groups
  • 8 LonMark Switch Objects
  • 16 LonMark Lamp Objects
  • 16 LonMark Constant Light Control Objects
  • 16 LonMark Scene Control Objects
  • 16 LonMark Occupancy Control Objects
  • Automatic DALI setup

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