InfraLIGHT Modular 249

InfraLIGHT Modular 249 with 9-way lighting outputs, provides a flexible solution for lighting control with power distribution. By offering three control options in one controller, a single device type can be specified to meet almost any internal lighting control application where DALI is not required.

Each outlet supports switched-circuit control and either Analogue or DSI digital dimming, configurable via the InfraLIGHT plug-in.


  • Flexible, modular lighting controllers with 9-way lighting outputs (Switched, Analog, DSI)
  • One solution for a wide range of lighting needs
  • Modular ‘Fast Connect’ system for easy connection of sensors, switches
  • Slim form factor for easy installation in ceiling or floor voids
  • Supports a wide range of lighting control strategies
  • InfraLIGHT LNS plug-in available for easy configuration
  • LonWorks® FT-10 network interface for use as part of a building control network.
  • GST 4-pole power plus BST 2-pole dimming (option).

Modular Connections

Also available: 413999F InfraLIGHT Modular 249 with 6 pole Wieland connectors (see below), call for details

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