New Infranet Products receive LonMark certification


Infranet Partners are pleased to anounce that two leading products InfraDali and InfraTROL have received LonMark certification.

Engineers throughout the Infranet Partners group have been working hard to develop a number of new products based on feedback from expert customers in the field.

InfraDali : A new LonMark certified Dali to LonWorks controller built using L-Core technology allows thousands of data points to be exchanged between DALI and LonWorks networks.

InfraTROL : New LonMark certified firmware is now available for our range of I/O modules. Providing LonMark objects for all the I/O, Digital Inputs/Outputs, Analogue Inputs/Outputs, Relay Outputs and even Temperature Inputs. We also have a clever Translator object which lets you decide how the I/O is represented on the network.

InfraAVG : Two new averaging modules. The first has one object that can calculate the average from up to 127 data points. The other containing five averaging objects, each averaging five data points.

InfraSense : Please ask us about our new sensor range for Lighting, supporting Lux, Occupancy, Infrared remote control and Temperature.


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