Building Open Systems Tour 2005


in connection with LonMark International & LonUsers Europe

All Seminars Are Completely Free Of Charge
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Across the globe, control networks are revolutionizing the way devices run buildings, factories, homes and transportation. Millions of LonWorks devices have now been installed worldwide. Today, LonWorks technology has emerged as the leading worldwide, cross-industry solution for networking everyday devices.

Building Open Systems 2005 will highlight LonWorks technology in the marketplace and clearly demonstrate its ability to generate truly interoperable, multi-vendor, multi-trade control systems today, that are low cost to install, flexible and easily scalable to meeting changing demands.

The Building Open Systems 2005 tour brings seminars to 23 major cities across 16 countries. All seminars will provide quality information and experience from leading market professionals in a comfortable environment. Each seminar will be accompanied by an interactive demo. Here participants will be guided through a 'live' installation directly on the premises.


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