First LonMark 3.2 Certified Security Product


CIAC's Building Automation and Infranet products division launches the first LonMark? 3.2 certified product for access control and intrusion applications becoming the worldwide leader in open products in the field of security. This feature does not violate the inherent security requirements.

MiniPass? is a compact one-door controller integrating an FTT-10 (LonWorks?) based compact access controller including a proximity card reader, a passive infrared detector (PIR) and an embedded database for 300 card access privileges and 100 events in a small volume. a comprehensive Plug-in is available to configure the device.

The embedded databases in MiniPass? guarantee the stand-alone mode for each device.

MiniPass? combines the functionality of a door access controller with an occupancy detector in a state-of-the-art product.

Features: Integrates a proximity card reader for passive badges. Reading range: 10 cm with ISO cards and 2 cm with solid badges for key rings.

  • Embedded database for 300 card access privileges and 100 events & alarms buffer.
  • Includes a PIR occupancy sensor.
  • A friendly user interface with four different colors of function visual indicators, one per function, and a multi tone buzzer.
  • Tear and tamper sensor.
  • Real time clock.
  • An excellent wall mounted design ensuring easy integration in modern offices.
  • Pluggeable connectors
  • LonMark? 3.2 certified.
  • Monitors the LonMark? locks or automatic doors with no need of external I/O modules
  • An external standard I/O LonWorks? device is needed for other kind of locks.

MiniPass? won the journalist's innovation award in Expoprotection 2000 in Paris.

A complete data sheet and ressource files for LonMaker? for Windows can be downloded from Here


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