Maersk Data Jump Ahead With Infranet Partners


Danish Infranet Partner LK Netlon were recently awarded a contract to supply an intelligent building automation system based on the latest LonWorks® technology for Maersk Data's new headquarters in Vibenhus Runddel, Copenhagen..

Owned by property firm Kirbi, the Maersk Data building is located on one of the busiest traffic junctions in Copenhagen. Vibenhus Runddel has been famous for it's tower for many years. The tower housed an illuminated advertising display that nearly all Danes have heard of. It consists of large frogs "jumping" towards the tower. Traditionally the frogs were a landmark for the firm Galle & Jensen who had a chocolate factory at this site. Today the building below the frogs is occupied by Maersk Data.

The system at Maerk is one of the largest installations in Denmark today, consisting of more than 300 room controllers and approximately 1500 motion sensors. Although in the building there are hardly any switches it is possible to over-ride the lights using remote controls..

Installation company E. Kallesoe A/S were the electricians for this big project.:

Mr. Flemming Hansen of E. Kallesoe commented on why Netlon were chosen for the project:.

"Maersk Data wanted a LonWorks® installation, we checked out several other systems and chose Netlon for several reasons. Their system was the most flexible, it was the easiest to install and also the least expensive. The system is easy to survey and the fact that the room contollers are pre-programmed is one of the main reasons why we chose it." Mr Hansen added "If we had any questions during the installation we got fantastic support from Netlon. The fact that during the project LK and Netlon established the company LK Netlon just confirmed our excellent choice".

The work started in March on the new half of the Kirbi building, the other half of the project was refurbishment of the existing building. There is 9,000m2 ground space with almost 33,000m2 over 6 floors. 21,000m2 is administration space and the remainder is basement and parking space for 220 cars on 2 floors. The building has 300 offices and various meeting and conference rooms.

Mr Rex Muller of Maersk Data, who was managing the project said "we got the solutions that we wanted. We focussed on the indoor climate. The installation controls constant light, cooling, ventilation, and the sun blinds. When a room is left unoccupied for a specified period of time the lights will automatically turn off and cleaned, chilled air is also controlled by the room controllers. We chose Netlon because of the reasonable price. Ir was cheaper compared to other systems and it is a big advantage that the room controllers communicate with our HVAC system".

The LonWorks® integration tool used in the project is Pathfinder, from.German Infranet Partners TLON GmbH. Pathfinder is well known in industrial applications.

The graphical user interface developed using Perspective from UK Infranet Partner Calon, enables the user to change setpoints such as temperature, light level, timers etc in every single room. The screen also gives information such as which rooms are occupied, the actual room temperature and running hours. A sensors and actuators connected to each room controller including sun blinds can be controlled or indicated by the LNS based Perspective.


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