Infranet Partners Announce Major Investment For Improved Customer Service


Infranet Partners, the worlds largest grouping of independent specialists in Infranet and LonWorks® technology, today announced a major investment in a project to harmonise and improve their business practises via a state of the art shared information system.

Backed by funding from the European Commission, the project is aimed at the identification, definition and harmonisation of best business pracises within the group. At the heart of the project is the innovative but well proven groupware system GenesisWorld from CAS Software AG. This system will allow deeper co-operation and interaction between the Partners through the sharing of management, commercial and technial information in a common database.

Benefits for customers will include new products and services tailored more closely to their individual needs, shorter delivery times and higher levels of customer service. Multi-national customers will also benefit from better co-ordnation of information as well as harmonised standards of support and service.

Infranet Partners were awarded funding for this project from the European Commission under the IST porgramme because the Commission belives that Infranet Partners have formed a dynamic networked organisation that reflects the European marketplace of tomorrow. Victor Thamburaj, CEO of German Infranet Partner TLON GmbH commented on the project:

"If connecting intelligent control devices to form networks makes sense, then connecting companies to form networked business groups makes sense".

The project will initially include five companies based in EU countries, but will subsequently be expanded to include other participants during the course of the roll-out.

Tim Sly, President of Infranet Partner commented "Infranet Partners have always offered our customers innovative products and great service. By identifying best practise in the way we run our operations, and building a new, shared information system around these processes, we can function as a single virtual company, to ensure we stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. For our customers this means faster and more responsive service, with better information flow and higher, more consistent standards of support. The fact that the European Commission have chosen to support this project represents a tremendous vote of confidence in Infranet Partners, and reaffirms our position as the foremost grouping of Infranet and LonWorks® specialists in the world today".

German Infranet Partner TLON GmbH were strongly involved in securing funding for this project in collaboration with leading research institute Forschungszentrum Infotmatik (FZI) based in Karlsruhe, Germany who will act as co-ordinators and consultants for the project. It is expected that the project will be completed by February 2002.


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