Helsinki Churches Get LON Connected


Finnish Infranet Partner Fatman Oy has entered into an agreeement with the Consortium of Evangelical-Lutheran Congregations to connect over 100 buildings to a joint property management and real estate surveillance centre using LonWorks® technology.

The Consortium decided to reconstruct outdated sub-stations using LonWorks® technology which we also be used in new buildings. Fatman Oy specialises in building an infranet network that connects building automation to the real estate surveillance centre. "Headmaker" is a human-machine interface application that monitors and controls the network. The surveillance takes place through telephone and ADP networks. This project involves buildings such as churches, offcie blocks and residential buildings. The building automation will be partly replaced during the project.

LonWorks® based technology gives customers the opportunity to choose between automation systems from different manufacturers. This solution also supports the use of old sub-stations so that they can be exploited for a longer period.

This LonWorks® connection project started in January and is expected to last 3 years.

Fatman Oy offers planning, testing, inspection and surveillance services of facility technology as well as developing facility management software. Fatman Oy has investigated facility management, energy consumption and saving possibilities in over 1500 facilities, of which most have been official, commercial or industrial.

Founded in 1991 Fatman was established to serve the needs of facility technical management. As well as being members of Infranet Partners, Fatman is an associate member of The LonMark Interoperability Association and a member of LonIsers Finland. Fatman is also an approved and registered consulting company for EU Projects,.


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