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  Building Open Systems Tour 2005 13/01/2005  

in connection with LonMark International & LonUsers Europe

All Seminars Are Completely Free Of Charge
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Infranet Partners will be present at all the dates and locations
to show you our new product ranges for ...

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  Careers Opportunities in the UK 04/03/2004  

Calon Associates are pleased to announce two new engineering vacancies.

We are the UK's leading supplier of products, services and solutions for intelligent controls based upon LonWorks® and TCP/IP networks. With over 22 years of Open Systems network experience between them, our engineers have extensive knowledge of these technologies and have created many innovative solutions for a wide range of prestigious clients.

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  The InfraSense50 receives LonMark certification 22/04/2004  

The Infranet Partners now established as a premier brand for LonWorks development is pleased to present the InfraSense50 LonWorks temperature sensor with LonMark Certification.

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  Fieldbus and IP integrate open infrastructure network solutions 22/04/2004  

Using the right protocol

Open integration of fieldbus solutions in Ethernet is moving ahead rapidly. These days it is hard to find a protocol which has not been tunnelled via Ethernet, or where IP has not been used as a key selling point. It seems that the application of Ethernet as a control network is a hot topic, both today and for the future....(click on 'Read More')

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  New Infranet Products receive LonMark certification 19/03/2003  

Infranet Partners are pleased to anounce that two leading products InfraDali and InfraTROL have received LonMark Certification.

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  InfraSense 50 and 55 now available !!! 30/01/2004  

The Infranet Partners now established as a premier brand for LonWorks development is pleased to present a new range of temperature sensors for LonWorks networks.

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  TALTEK 2003 05/11/2003  

See new Infranet Partners LonWorks components and software tools on the Fatman Oy stand at the Taltek 2003 tradeshow from the 19th to the 20th November in Helsinki, Finland.

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  Infranet Partners at Ineltec 28/08/2003  

See Infranet Partners exhibit the new InfraDali Controller at the Ineltec tradeshow from the 2nd to the 5th September in Basel, Switzerland.

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  New Lighting Multi-Sensor for LonWorks 22/08/2003  

Infranet Partners are proud to present a new 4-in-1 Multi Sensor for Lighting.

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  First LonMark 3.2 Certified Security Product 20/02/2002  

CIAC's Building Automation launches the first LonMark 3.2 certified product for access control and intrusion applications.

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  LonWorld October 2001 29/11/2001  

Infranet Partners were amongst the major LonWorks® companies exhibiting at LonWorld 2001 in Frankfurt. With one of the largest stands at the show we attracted a lot of attention as the world's largest consortium of companies specialising in LonWorks® and integrated LON-TCP/IP solutions.

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  Maersk Data Jump Ahead With Infranet Partners 02/04/2001  

Danish Infranet Partner LK Netlon were recently awarded a contract to supply an intelligent building automation system based on the latest LonWorks® technology for Maersk Data's new headquarters in Vibenhus Runddel, Copenhagen..

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  Hannover Messe 2001 12/03/2001  

Infranet Partners, the worlds largest consortium of companies specialising in Echelon's LonWorks® technology, have announced they will be exhibiting at Hannover Messe 2001.

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  Infranet Partners Announce Major Investment For Improved Customer Service 09/03/2001  

Infranet Partners, the worlds largest grouping of independent specialists in Infranet and LonWorks® technology, today announced a major investment in a project to harmonise and improve their business practises via a state of the art shared information system.

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  Helsinki Churches Get LON Connected 08/03/2001  

Finnish Infranet Partner Fatman Oy has entered into an agreeement with the Consortium of Evangelical-Lutheran Congregations to connect over 100 buildings to a joint property management and real estate surveillance centre using LonWorks® technology.

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  Swiss Infranet Partner Awarded Contract 01/03/2001  

IBT, the Swiss Infranet Partners have been awarded the contract from Malbuwit Flight Training Centre AG to upgrade their Seneca III Synthetic Flight Training Device to meet new requirements in order for them to fulfill the Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR).

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